Handle errors gracefully and return standard error codes

  • 401 Unauthorized — This means the user isn’t not authorized to access a resource. It usually returns when the user isn’t authenticated.
  • 403 Forbidden — This means the user is authenticated, but it’s not allowed to access a resource.

First step
Add your ssh_key, ssh_host, ssh_username in secret of your repository

Then, go to action tab

New Workflow -> set up a workflow yourself

Let’s write shell script to adjust screen brightness.

# Bash script to control the monitor brightness
screenname=$(xrandr | grep “ connected” | cut -f1 -d” “)
xrandr — output $screenname — brightness $brightness_level;

and save with your-name.sh
In this case we are using $1 as parameter for brightness level as we want to adjust.

So, at last we can run that .sh file as

sh your-name.sh 0.4

Brightness level range is 0 to 1.

That’s all thanks.

1. AndroidManifest

  • It is a declaration file.
  • Here only Which activity should start first, that has been declared.
  • It declares which permissions the application must have.
  • It also declares the permissions that others are required to have in order to interact.
  • It declares the minimum level of the Android API.

Aung Myo Oo

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